Resilient provides advanced networking and security solutions to organizations in a variety of market segments, including:

Government and Education:

  • K to 12
  • Higher Education
  • State and Local Governments


  • Oil and Gas
  • Fortune1000
  • Financial
  • Medical

Resilient is...Flexible

Developing a network solution for schools and government organizations requires special attention when considering security, bandwidth, connectivity and reliability. With the increased dependence on technology and the growing number of IT threats, the public sector needs network design consultants that understand their unique, high-stakes circumstances.

Resilient Intelligent Networks expertise in network technologies helps school districts, higher education institutions, municipal and government organizations achieve superior network design, security, storage and software optimization needs.

From needs assessment to installation, product selection to integration, we provide our clients with the expertise, service, and ongoing support for network access, security and reliability.

Resilient participates in a variety of Government Contracts, including:

State of Texas DIR | HPE Networking, Fortinet, & ShoreTel

Region VII | All products & services

E-Rate | All products & services

TIPS/TAPS | All products & services


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Resilient is...Adaptable

Business requirements and technology can change rapidly, but we help organizations find technology options that will expand with their needs. It’s this sort of visionary focus that allows Resilient Intelligent Networks to provide clients with scalable solutions for their networks, security, optimization, and storage.
Our team works with your team to provide the options that meet your business objectives. From creating or implementing Network Policy to installing new infrastructure; from systems and software selection through integration, we provide the network design, security and storage solutions that are right for your business both now and in the future


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Data Security (Email, Backup, Database)