Our vulnerability assessments will determine the appropriate systems to ensure your database and network security and provide you with a single source for all your security concerns.

Protecting your business resources from internal and external threats is one of the major tasks facing network administrators and IT professionals today. The consulting and product experts at Resilient work with top vendor partners to provide the best products on the market to protect organizations, their users, and their data.

You need a Network Security Solution that will:

  • Ensure the integrity of network users against viruses, malware, spyware, worms and other security intrusions.
  • Monitor incoming and outgoing traffic and keep sensitive information protected.
  • Keep up with the changing landscape of increased bandwidth-intensive networks and more sophisticated IT threats.
  • Improve security while reducing costs and simplified security infrastructure.
  • Provide real time Identification of compromised systems and potential attacks.
  • Identify devices and apply specific access policies and security profiles according to the device type or group, location and usage.
  • Generate reporting and analysis of network behavior, users, devices, applications and threats.
  • Allow new applications into the network while automatically blocking any malicious content or behavior.
  • Identify and restrict or block application usage for non-priority traffic.


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