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Why is My Network Slow? Or, How to Solve All Your Network Problems.

Slow_Network_Network_Technology_Issues.jpg“The network is slow.”

This seems to be the most common complaint we hear from help desk calls right now.  Slow.  This doesn’t give you much to go on.  Where do we begin in troubleshooting a “slow network”? There are several reasons that users will experience slower than acceptable response times when they traverse the internal network or the internet.  There are also many tools that can be used to diagnose these issues.  Before you get to the point of determining the specific technology needed to speed up your network (or any network issue, really), there are three conversations that need to be had: First, a business discussion, followed by a technology discussion, THEN we can discuss technology products.

3 Conversations You Must Have to Solve Your Improve Network Performance

1.  Why are we talking business? 

Because that’s what we do.  Most companies aren’t in the technology business.  They use technology to help them reach their business goals.  The first conversation is always business.  Topics like managing employee internet access, BYOD policy, managing internal resources may be important to explore.

2.  On to technology – not products technology.

How do we talk about technology without talking about specific products?  One thing you must always be aware of is “when you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”  Most of the network technology issues we identify can be solved by multiple products.  It is important to find products that fit the business and work together.  Technology discussions that will make a difference for making decisions:  managing internet traffic (firewall, UTM, packet shaping), wireless infrastructure, document storage, etc.

3.  Finally, we get to solve problems with actual product. 

After making business and technology decisions we are prepared to choose the right products for your environment.  We need to take several factors into account:

  1. Will the product solve my network problems without creating new ones? Will it make my life EASIER?
  2. What is the initial cost of the product?
  3. What are the ongoing costs of the product?
  4. Can I successfully manage the product?
  5. Are there other benefits to the product besides the issue I’m trying to solve?

Now you say “Well, this all sounds great but I have a guy complaining about a slow network.”  The discussions described in this post don’t have to take place over days or weeks.  When you work with an experienced technology partner, like Resilient Intelligent Networks, you can go through these steps fairly quickly and still be successful.  The process is important. When you call us about your slow network, we won’t be the guys that shows up with a box of hammers and start banging away. 



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