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What Your Old Firewall Can't Fight In New Cyber Threat Environments

Modern network boundaries are in a state of continuous flux as the use of smartphones, cloud-based technologies and wearable devices proliferate—opening up multiple new threat vectors and expanding attack surfaces. As these trends continue to blur the lines between untrusted (external) and trusted (internal) network environments, organizations can no longer rely on conventional firewall solutions to protect valuable data.Old_Firewall_Cant_Fight_In_New_Cyber_Threat_Environments.jpg

Designed when internal networks were mostly “safe” territory, traditional firewalls alone are now ineffective in environments vulnerable to threats that can fool their way past network perimeters, or originate internally from careless or even malicious insiders. Once a malicious program has breached the perimeter, there's little that the firewall can do to protect data and applications within the network.  

In this changing and unpredictable threat landscape, the Internal Segmentation Firewall (ISFW) has emerged as a new and innovative solution that fights cyber attacks from the inside out.

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Changing Security for a Changing World

An ISFW works in tandem with a conventional, network perimeter-based firewall to provide application-layer protection for your most valuable network assets. Rather than canvassing the entire network, it sits at strategic points of the internal network; for example, in front of specific servers, user devices or web applications. This leaves the tracking of general incoming and outgoing network traffic up to the conventional firewall standing guard over the perimeter. Threats that manage to sneak past the perimeter firewall are stopped by the ISFW, which serves as a series of locked doors delivering progressively tighter security as network layers deepen.

In this kind of environment, organizations can create low- and high-priority safety zones, storing its most sensitive information—like intellectual property and valuable customer and financial data—in a digitally locked room controlled by strict security protocols. The high level of granular control and multi-layer security offered by the ISFW helps to maximize overall network performance and enables tight security where it’s needed most.

New Threats Demand New Fight Tactics

Fighting threats in today’s highly mobile, connected world requires organizations to take a new, smarter approach to cybersecurity. One of CRN’s cool new technologies of the year, the ISFW from Fortinet delivers the inside out protection organizations need to stop cyber threats in their tracks and limit potential damages. Resilient Intelligence Networks works with leading providers of best-in-class firewall solutions including Fortinet. Our information security experts help organizations build secure, future-focused security solutions from the inside out.

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