Software-Defined Networking | What Does It All Mean?

Adapting to Technology Trends with SDN

First, What is SDN?
Software Defined Networking (SDN) is the latest approach to network design that essentially changes the traffic forwarding decisions from the individual network nodes to a centralized software-based controller. It allows for dynamic responses to changing network conditions.

HpAdvancements in technology and how it's integrated into how we work is making the lives of IT Managers harder. Software Defined Networking relieves some of that pressure and allows every organization to create a customized network to handle it's unique challenges.HP Software-defined networking provides an end-to-end solution to automate the network from data center to campus and branch. Expanding the innovation of SDN, HP SDN ecosystem delivers resources to develop and create a market place for SDN applications.

The HP SDN ecosystem delivers the following benefits:

  • Simple - programmable network with open standards infrastructure
  • Agile - dynamically change how your network responds to business needs
  • Automated - rapid deployment of applications


OpenFlow - What is it?

Open FlowOpenFlow is a standard communication protocol defined by the OpenNetworking Foundation (ONF) The protocol provides access and communication between the control and infrastructure layers of Software-defined Network (SDN) and is critical to it's success.

  • Simplifies network management and programming of the network devices
  • Allows for dynamic change in the traffic flow
  • Enables the network to be more responsive to business needs
  • Allows for easy deployment of innovative routing and switching protocols
  • Used for applications such as virtual machine mobility, high-security networks and next generation IP based mobile networks


HP leads the industry with over 40 OpenFlow enabled switch models, representing more than 20 million ports in the market. And, HP is the only vendor to offer a full portfolio of enterprise data center and campus switches that are SDN-ready with OpenFlow support.


It's All About the APPS

SDN by itself is nothing, its strength is in the applications you decide to run. Currently, companies are looking at SDN for key applications to help them manage, optimize and protect their network infrastructure. And for that purpose, HP has created an SDN App Store. Introducing the industry's first SDN App StoreDiscover, learn and download SDN applications and solve the transition to the new style of IT.

  • Accelerated time to ROIAccelerated time to ROI with integrated and validated applications
  • Network agility with rapid and seamless deployment
  • Standards-based for open and simplified collaboration

 Application Developer