Fortinet Cyber Threat Assessment Program

Gauge Your Current Security, Productivity and Performance with FortiGate

Rediscover Your Network

Validate the current state of your Network Security effectiveness, better understand your employee productivity/application usage, and monitor your true Network Performance requirements with expert guidance.

After registering for this program, a Fortinet consultant will use a FortiGate to monitor key indicators within your network. You will receive a Cyber Threat Assessment Report after several days of gathering information, divided into three primary sections:

  • Security and Threat Prevention – Learn more about which application vulnerabilities are attacking your network, which malware/botnets were detected and even pinpoint “at risk” devices within your network.
  • User Productivity – Discover which peer to peer, social media, instant messaging and other application subcategories are being utilized in your network.
  • Network Utilization and Performance – Find out more about your throughput, session and bandwidth requirements during peak hours. 

(Offer is valid only in the US and Canada) 

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