HP ConvergedSystem for Virtualization - a straightforward path into virtualization with the fastest time-to-value possible.

The value that your organization brings to customers or end-users shouldn't be limited by a network that was designed four years ago and is highly fragmented, complex and rigid. The old way of network architecture that required new IT resources for every business application or computing technology required in the operation of your business is rapidly becoming a source of pain for you, your employees and customers. You need a new approach that will provide the fastest possible deployment of business results at the lowest cost - An efficient, secure and flexible IT infrastructure that shares assets between multiple business functions and can be managed as a service.

Welcome to Converged Infrastructure brought to you by HP.

Resilient Intelligent Networks believes that HP is the best in the business at delivering Coverged Systems and we want to make sure that you are ready to capitalize on the new network technologies that are available.

The FASTEST way to virtualize, with breakthrough 
HP ConvergedSystem for Virtualization are pre-engineered workload-optimized systems providing the fastest deployment time and the added advantage of being built on a standard infrastructure delivering up to 2x performance at 25% lower cost. Now you can tame the complexity and focus on delivering current and future services to your customers offering immediate return to your business.


  • HP ConvergedSystem 300 for Virtualization (Rack based offering): Low to high end mid-market/SMB customers.
  • HP ConvergedSystem 700 for Virtualization (Blades based offering) and HP ConvergedSystem 700x: Corp Enterprise