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The New ‘Security Fabric’ That Simplifies Network Protection

Enterprise computing environments are complex. Trying to keep them secure only adds to the complexity.


This is especially true in IT security environments comprised of many different products from different vendors—each using different technologies while focusing on only one specific aspect of the security picture. Pulling all those components together to ensure comprehensive coverage is tough. With so many isolated silos of security, it’s hard to see the forest for the trees—or, so the saying goes.

That's what Fortinet's recently announced security fabric is all about. By tying together its own products—and those of third-party partners like Carbon Black—Fortinet’s new security fabric improves the way security products work together and overall network visibility.

New Challenges Adding to Security Complexity

New technologies create new security challenges, compelling companies to add on security products on a piecemeal basis, and resulting in more complex security environments. Consider:

  • The Internet of Things means there are devices companies don't even know about that connect to the network. Many of these devices lack sufficient security.
  • The rise of cloud computing has blurred the boundary between the company network and the outside world. Sending data outside the network is no longer a special request that needs approval; it's the ordinary way of doing business. The volume of traffic moving between the company and the outside world has increased. Much of it is encrypted, which makes it much harder for the company to inspect traffic for security.
  • Mobile computing and bring your own device practices mean that data isn't just sent back and forth between company computers and a secure cloud environment. It means data can be accessed anywhere, from any device, on any network. Security needs to address unknown risks coming from unknown devices in unknown environments.

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Weaving a Security Fabric

Fortinet's new security fabric was inspired by the challenges customers face in these ever-changing, ever-more-complex network environments. It takes away the complexity in these environments by breaking down silos and enabling interactions between different cybersecurity functions and technology.

Additionally, the security fabric integrates Fortinet's cybersecurity solutions with those from other vendors, so companies can choose the best products to meet their needs and integrate them with other solutions under centralized control.

The Fortinet security fabric ensures comprehensive network protection through information sharing and collaborative intelligence, visibility into data movement through security zones, and a centrally managed security policy enforced across the company's internal and external (cloud-based) networks.

Fortinet applies five principles to make sure the security fabric stretches across the entire network:

  1. The security fabric offers breadth and depth, and extends in both directions. It spans the network from internal endpoints to the cloud; it handles high volumes of traffic and high numbers of connected devices.
  2. The fabric is able to track the movement of data inside the network perimeter. It's able to inspect encrypted traffic, enhancing the ability to protect from advanced threats.
  3. Devices can share threat information, meaning threats can be detected and managed sooner.
  4. Cloud-based Big Data systems collect and share threat intelligence in real time. Every device connected to the fabric receives the information and can incorporate it into its defensive strategies.
  5. APIs let third-parties add their devices to the fabric. It becomes customized to secure your network precisely.

Partner with Network Security Experts

Just as devices need to partner together to provide security, companies need to partner with experts to provide security. Resilient Intelligent Networks partners with Fortinet to bring the latest security technology— including the security fabric—to our clients. When you partner with us, you get the top-tier tools of Fortinet, plus our 10 years' of experience deploying best of breed solutions to clients' security problems. Contact us to learn how we can can help you unify disparate cybersecurity technologies in your own environment on the new security fabric.

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