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(Video) A Software-Defined Networking Primer

Software Defined Networking promises to provide better network SDN_ebook.jpgperformance, increased security and the flexibity you need to manage network services. Hewlett Packard Enterprises (HPE) is helping you keep up with demands from cloud, security, mobility and big data. 

Complete Network Modernization with Hewlett Packard Enterprise software defined networking (SDN) solutions:

  • Give BYOD users access while securing your network at the edge—cost-effectively.
  • Prioritize workers using collaboration tools, like Microsoft Skype for Business, to optimize traffic and enhance user experience.
  • Give network administrators the edge with the ability to pinpoint, diagnose, verify and solve network issues in real-time, from data center to branch office.

Benefiting from HPE SDN doesn't require an entire rip and replace of your network. With HPE SDN-enabled infrastructure that works in hybrid mode, you can benefit from SDN wherever and whenever you want in the network.


 Want to know more? Download this guide to SDN:

Software Defined Networking ebook




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